Climate of commercial ships are provided usually with specific requirements of central air conditioning system. For this purpose as 300K, 600K, 900K and 1.2M btu/h chilled water systems are in our standard range, higher capacities are also available on demand.

MB chilled water units are designed to provide hot or cold chilled water both in winter and summer. Usually installed in the engine room and controlled by an intelligent order by Danfoss control system.

Benefits of commercial ship systems are;

  • Ability to feed more conditioned room by heating or cooling,
  • By modular system, easy access to all components and continuous operation during the service.
  • Reverse cycle as standard,
  • High resistance against seawater and long life,
  • Individual control for each conditioned room,
  • Lower start up current and economizing power consumption by inverter AWC chiller versions.